Via Brasil Steakhouse

1225 South, Fort Apache Rd. Las Vegas, NV

With an interior by Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach, the 5500 sq. ft. dining room can accommodate 250 seats, as well as another 80 in the private dining room, which is equipped with a projection screen for special functions and corporate events. The centerpiece of the restaurant is the Gourmet table which seems to hover over the center of the dining room. With a modern and inviting decor the floor of the main dining room is reminiscent of the sandy beach and the adjacent bar area is designed to mimic the wave pattern on the cobblestone streets of Brazil. The dining room and bar also showcase two expansive water features and an impressive 360 degrees view of the restaurants all glass wine cellar.


Full Site: http://www.viabrasilsteakhouse.com


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