Union Jack's British Pub

671 North Glebe Road Arlington, VA 22203

This is certainly not your Dad's Old-Style English Pub! Occupying over 7,500 square feet in heart of Arlington/Ballston Virginia make this 'Mega-Pub' one of Arlington's largest entertainment venues and home to your 'One-Stop-Shop' for food and entertainment! Come on down and enjoy either lunch or dinner at this British themed restaurant/pub. The menu features traditional British fare as well as time-honored American restaurant cuisine. Or try kickin' back after work at our lively watering hole featuring 15 beers on tap from England, Europe or 'State-Side'. There are billiards and darts for those looking for an entertaining diversion or check out your favorite sport team on any of our 25 High Definition Plasma 'Tellies'.


Full Site: www.unionjacksballston.com


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